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Uploaded: 12.10.2021

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12.10.2021 14:09:46
Its a scammer, expecting u to film ur purchase and show him otherwise he cant fix it. while i bought an account with my creditcard. Why would i film my creditcard. he is just a huge scam dont buy your game here!
04.10.2021 21:59:22
03.10.2021 18:19:40
Doesn’t work at all and seller is not responding
18.09.2021 17:26:19
dosent work for me
17.09.2021 23:06:03
Продавец 10/10
16.09.2021 19:23:49
I sent the wrong amount, 10usd instead of 2.75, refund plz
15.09.2021 21:03:38
Account´s not working, you won´t get another account if you cant show video evidence. Proof of Payment isnt enough.
15.09.2021 9:05:47
Good Seller Good Product
14.09.2021 20:18:11
I can´t log into the account the account needs a verification code and it is not possible to log into the mail
12.09.2021 15:28:10
Отлично! Всё работает.

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